Thursday, January 29, 2009


First off, sorry this blog is so late in coming out! There's a nasty flu bug going around and I seem to have caught it at the beginning of the week and am finally feeling better...well a bit anyways. Since I'm still not feeling up to speed, this will be one of my shorter blogs and it will be a list. It will be a list of things I love about MTA, where to go, what to do, and 'the haps'. So here goes:
  • George's Roadhouse - one of my favourite places in Sackville. I haven't been for the food yet but the concerts are always mind-boggling. They have artists from all over Canada and the atmosphere is always really relaxing yet invigorating. It's the perfect size for a concert and when it's packed, boy does it get loud (which is what a concert is supposed to be though).
  • Fish and Chips - I've only been there once but it is delicious! Everything they have is homemade and they even have...get this...mozzarella sticks. I kid you not. Granted, there's not much greenery available so make sure you eat something healthy before you go!
  • Free the Children Fashion Show - It's tomorrow night actually and EastLink is coming to record it so it will probably be on TV! Very exciting and the models have to be there at 5 though the show starts at 8:30! The hair and makeup do take awhile apparently!
  • Skating on Swan Pond or Waterfowl Park - it has to be done. At least once in the four years you'll be here. Enough said.
  • Cuthbertson House - if you can, attend one of their potlucks where they include the community. The food is always good and very very healthy, the house is gorgeous, and the people there are all amazing individuals. It's the environmentally-friendly house on-campus and it's even coloured green (how fitting!)
  • Tantramar - every year, a bilingual play is put on by students from MTA, written by themselves and it is amazing. It's usually quite different from the norm and it's sometimes hard to follow but the characters are always unique and it's just darn funny!
Good grief, there's so much to describe that I don't even know where to start! The ones I've mentioned are ones that just popped into my mind and just because I didn't mention others like Bridgestreet Cafe, or the Vogue Theatre, or Society of All Nations, doesn't mean they're not worth talking about! I'll most likely continue this list as the weeks go by, so keep checking it out!

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