Sunday, January 11, 2009

Return of the Jedi (well, the students at least)

After around a 18 hour trip to get back to Sackville, I finally arrived in Edwards last Sunday afternoon. It took a two hour car ride to the airport, a three hour delay, an hour flight to Vancouver, an hour delay, a four and a half hour flight to Toronto, four hour wait, a hour and a half flight to Moncton and then a half hour taxi ride to Sackville. WHEW! And I get motion sickness. I would choose one of the farthest universities from my hometown.

Picture above is winter in Osoyoos (view from my house)

But I survived the trip and survive
d the first week of classes! It's nice to start fresh and to have everything finished and put behind you. My calendar looks so clean and white but already is filling up fast with concerts, plays, meetings, etc. I'm only taking two courses and am applying for a part-time job....somewhere.

Way back in November I hit my head on my bookshelf (yes my bookshelf) and since then I've felt dizzy pretty much 24-7 and occasionally pass out. Luckily, when I first hit it, a friend was there and he was able to phone 911 and I spent the next 16 hours or so in the Sackville and Moncton Hospital. I got a CAT Scan, an EEG and in December, an ECG as well. I even saw a neurologist but he's not sure what's wrong with me so I'm getting an MRI this semester. But I did see an alternative medicine doctor in Vancouver over the holidays and he was able to give me some homeopathics for my dizziness and he balanced my energy pathways. Yes, I realize it's a bit weird and that it's not exactly conventional but I am definitely seeing improvement these past two weeks. I haven't passed out for awhile and my dizziness is going away which means I can start swimming again!

BUT unfortunately, reading makes me dizzy. Hmm mm. Which is why I'm only taking two courses so I can take my time doing the reading and hopefully not pass out. And thankfully my professors last term were unbelievably supportive. They let me take the time I needed to complete my assignments and I wrote my exams when I got back.

Anyways, the point of all this long explanation is just basically to say that that's why I'm only taking two courses so if I mention more about the social life than the classes, there's a legitimate reason for it! I did have an awesome Christmas at home though. Travelled to Vancouver, Victoria, Qualicum Beach and Comox to see friends and relatives so I slept in nine different beds over the holidays! Anyways, till next time!

My brother and I cooking Christmas dinner (though maye he wanted something?)

We even got to see my older 'brother' - our Twainese Exchange Student from about 5 years ago with his wife - it's always good to see the two of them looking happy. (From left to right: Me, my dad, my adopted grandmother, my mum, Andra, Ambrose, and my brother)

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