Monday, November 10, 2008

Who am I and where am I?!

You have begun your first step to finding out more about Mount Allison University! I am here to help you with any questions you may have or if you just want to check out what’s happening at MTA. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First let me introduce myself.

My name is Lauren Sherwood and I’m a second year student here at MTA. I’m in the Bachelor of Arts programme and most likely will be studying geography as my major and psychology as my minor. One defining attribute that I have is that I’m hard of hearing and wear two hearing aids. I don’t consider this to be a ‘disability’, instead more of a challenge, and it definitely helps you to learn how to laugh at yourself! I’m from an extremely small town (think 4000 people) called Osoyoos in British Columbia. Osoyoos is the only temperate desert in Canada, w
hich is why I wear gloves in New Brunswick in September! I’m still adapting to the weather changes here!

I’m involved in a few extra-curricular activities here at MTA so with midterms, papers and the social life, I’m kept very busy! I’m in the Rights
and Democracy Group which holds functions such as Panties for Peace, Community Literacy Festival, and conferences throughout the year that all focus on Human Rights and Democracy. I’m also part of Eco-Action, one of the environmental groups here on campus, as well as the Swing Society, though attending every meeting is proving difficult though I try my best! For other exercise, I’m also on the Edwards Softball, Soccer, and Volleyball Intramural teams, and last year our soccer team won first place! I’ve also joined the Health Matters Society and am the Health Rep for Edwards House this year. As well, I am a Fall MASSIE Conversation Partner, which means once a week I meet a Japanese Exchange student and we talk about everything to help her English.

As you may have guessed, I am in Edwards House which is one of the smaller residences on campus. This residence only has about 70 students but this makes it seem more like a huge family than a residence! We usually all eat at the same table for meals, though no pressure if you don’t! There’s always someone around to help you out with that Calculus midterm or that English paper, plus our Don makes cookies! And they’re really good! It may be a quieter hous
e but that doesn’t mean we still don’t like to have fun and party!

I chose MTA because I had the chance to visit it during a Go Global Camp during my Grade 11 year. The camp was awesome – I came back feeling a little more intelligent about the world and realizing how much more there is to learn! But while I was at the camp, I fell in love with the campus. The red-bricked, ivy-covered buildings make you feel like you just stepped back in time. The green trees that slowly turn red during the fall are absolutely gorgeous. And the town itself, Sackville, is amazing. It’s small, like my hometown, but it has everything a university student needs.

Sackville has much to offer for such a small town. There’s the Vogue Movie Theatre which shows Friday Midnight Movies for a toonie! There’s Mel’s Diner which is great for late-night snacks such as hamburgers, fries and the to-die-for extra thick milkshakes. Bridgestreet CafĂ© is an awesome little venue for coffee, hot chocolate and just a place to relax. Joey’s and The Olive Branch are restaurants with great prices, delicious food, and a wonderful place to go with friends or on a date! And, of course, there’s the Waterfowl Park which is breathtaking no matter what season it is, be it fall, winter, spring or summer. It’s a great place to go and clear your head if you need a walk, or in the winter, you can skate on the marsh! Muskrats, ducks, sandpipers and other animals make this place their home so be on the lookout! To keep you in suspense, I will mention other sights to see in Sackville in later blogs, including BackLot Video and George’s Roadhouse.

I am loving it here at MTA and hopefully by reading this, you’ll see MTA and Sackville as I do – a place that no matter where you’re from, it feels like home. Keep checking for updates and more blogs!